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Values and Vision

The Whitchurch Federation Logo_White-bg.

“Learning as we grow. Growing as we learn. Rooted in Jesus.”

‘I am the vine;

you are the branches.

Those who remain in me,

and I in them,

will produce much fruit.

For apart from me you can do nothing.’

John, 15:5


The Whitchurch Church of England Federation enables both the Whitchurch Church of England Infant & Nursery Academy and the Whitchurch Church of England Junior Academy to work in partnership to develop the common goals and reflective approaches to teaching and learning that will ensure that all our children benefit from a quality education across the primary phase. As a partnership we aim to ensure positive outcomes and improved standards for all.


The Whitchurch Church of England Federation is proud to be a member of The St. Bart’s Multi-Academy Trust, which is committed to improving the life chances of all children; academically, personally, socially and spiritually.


The Academies recognise their foundations and seek to develop their religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England at parish and diocesan level. 

Vision Statement

To create a welcoming and inclusive environment in which all children will flourish. Every child is encouraged to care for, respect and appreciate the ultimate worth of others, developing positive relationships as they take their first steps towards independence and becoming responsible, thoughtful and confident adults of the future, making successful contributions to their local and the global community.


As federated Church of England Academies, we believe it is important to develop Christian values by which to live well together and which help to develop a moral and spiritual awareness.

Our core Christian value is Love. Across our Federation everyone is encouraged to love and respect themselves, others, God and his world. The Bible tells us that, “God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.” (1 John 4:16).


The value of ‘Love’ underpins everything we do in our Federation. We believe that through a focus on Love, by working together as part of a strong and supportive family, we can all achieve more – “Love your neighbour as yourself.” Matthew 22:38 


Each Academy has identified several other Christian values to explore in more detail, through acts of worship and our curriculum.


Infant Academy

The gifts of ‘Respect, Kindness, Honesty, Trust and Peace’ are the values we hope and aspire that our children will foster during their time at our Infant Academy. Click on a leaf to learn more about each value.

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Junior Academy

As our children continue their learning journey through our Junior Academy, we focus on the additional values of ‘Courage, Responsibility, Creativity, Perseverance and Compassion’. Click on a leaf to learn more about each value.

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Federation Aims

Our aims have been carefully aligned to respect those of the St Bart’s Multi-Academy Trust which are represented through the acronym PEACE.

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We have a Passion for releasing potential in all our children and staff through the Encouragement and development of Ambition, aspiration and excellence in all aspects of our work. Our commitment is to place children at the centre of everything we do. Working in Collaboration, we strive to provide the highest quality of educational experiences and outcomes for our young people in an inclusive environment. Through the Enjoyment of learning, we live life together in all its fullness through PEACE

P – Passion.

We are privileged to work in education and have the opportunity to change children’s lives. We want to offer our children;

·        a safe and secure environment where all children are encouraged to be positive about their learning, aspire to realise their               full ability and take pride in their achievements; and to

·        nurture, in all children, a respect for the spiritual, moral and cultural values of races, religions and ways of life different to                 their own, celebrating difference and diversity.

·        ​

E – Encouragement.

As educators, we all have a duty to be encouraging and supportive of each other, our children and our community. We will; 

·        encourage children to care for themselves, being healthy in mind, body and spirit, as well as being respectful of the needs             of others and the community and environment in which they live.

·        value and promote the active involvement of parents, carers and the community in supporting the education and well-being             of our children.

·        ​

A – Ambition.

We aim for excellence by;

·        promoting and providing inclusive "can do" practice which emphasises hope, security, stability and success for all our                     children.

·        continuously striving to improve as a learning community respecting the ideas and contributions of all.

         providing an ambitious curriculum which inspires and motivates our children.

·        ​

C – Collaboration.

We are committed to our Christian Foundations and seek to;  

·        enable children to participate in daily acts of Collective Worship which are central to our Church School community,                         contributing towards the spiritual development of both children and adults.

·        provide high quality religious education that supports children to develop religious literacy.

·        ​

E – Enjoyment.

We want our children to enjoy their learning and will achieve this by;

·        Helping children develop lively, enquiring minds by providing a stimulating, creative and challenging curriculum in which                 learning is enjoyable and fun.

·        Motivating and engaging children through inspirational teaching which provides the children with the skills, knowledge,                   confidence and self-esteem that will enable them to foster a fascination with the world around us.

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